I, Spy

by Secret Salmon

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This is a concept album concerning the rumours that Harold Holt was a Chinese spy and how he currently runs a noodle shop in Sichuan.

Actually this has nothing to do with any of that. In fact this isn't even a concept album, and it has nothing to do with espionage whatsoever, but there is a story behind it...

This album is dedicated to anyone called Lemmy or David Bowie.

This album is not dedicated to anyone called Trevor.

During the making of this album, we were invaded by thousands, perhaps even millions of deadly Australian spiders. They were coming out from a crack next to the light in the ceiling. It was like a video game, some sort of Attack Of The Spiders From Mars type shit, where you would have to try and kill them before they get to a certain point on the ceiling. And once they've reached that point, they would then begin to descend (which as you can imagine, will lead to a 'game over' if they reach the ground), which curiously enough, was right above the pizza.
It was pretty hairy.
And just when we thought we had killed them all, the next wave would start, and it was getting harder and harder each wave, too. Later waves would see spiders descending wherever they pleased (which was usually above whoever was in the room).
They were pulling tactical moves like trying to get behind the couch and crawling across the wall, then freezing as soon as you look at them. It was quite a challenging night, trying to fight off these spiders while continuing to play music.
But we played on like champs. And for some strange reason, we were compelled to play some semi structured type rock/punk music rather than our usual 2hr improvised non-stop train of consciousness experimental extravaganza therapy type music. But never fear, our dedicated fish people friends, for every track on this record is still 100% improvised, just as you would expect from your favourite experimental free improv noise trio based in Adelaide / private investigating fish based in the the Pacific Ocean.

Secret Salmon, P.I.

This album was improvised and recorded on January 8, 2016.
There are no coincidences.
We are Secret Salmon.


released April 18, 2016

Ray Martin Bryant
Chuck D. B. Cooper
Rex Hunter S. Thompson

© 2016 Secret Salmon.



all rights reserved


Secret Salmon Adelaide, Australia

Experimental free improv noise trio based in Adelaide - Private investigating fish based in the the Pacific Ocean.

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